How it all Began

It all began when my little girl was a baby. 13 years ago, I was looking for dummy clips in shops with not one to been seen.

That's when I realised I had this creative side. So off I went and made my first dummy clip. (it probably cost me a whole lot more money then it should have after I'd finished buying supplies. But I found I took enjoyment out of it.

Then fast forward 8 years and I decided to throw her a birthday party. I wanted something a little different for her party bags. something I felt wouldn't be a waste of money and would be useful and not one of those party bag toys you just bin.

I had it the perfect idea!! the perfect party bag filler that girls would love! and even better parents wouldn't feel the need to bin it straight away. and that's when it all began my love for making  HAIR BOWS.

So in 2017 I set to work and made my first hair bows, these turned out to be a massive hit, I decided to start my own business.... born in December 2017 'Peek a Bow' was born.

I absolutely loved making bows, and before I knew it I had also gained a fabric addiction (Yes thats a thing, haha ) I was at first just selling to friends and family, until I realised I could actual start selling further afield.

As time went on, working full time and also being a full time mummy to 2 children. The job I was currently working became mentally draining, and unfortunately something just had to give. So Peek a Bow just had to take a back seat as my family and full time job just had to come first.

Fast forward 2020 I had a new little bundle of joy, lockdown happened and I decided it was time to restart. That's when Cherry Bear was born. I wanted a name change as I wanted to make / sell more than just hair bows, so peek a Bow just didn't fit anymore. I already had the bear on my logo with a ribbon and i still wanted to keep him.

So i wanted to use the word 'bear' and cherry just seemed to fit perfectly.

So that was it 'Cherry Bear' was born.

Here we are today.

So when you shop with me you aren't for filling the bank account of someone that's already made millions. It's a little girls / little boys dreams you're helping me provide for.

So when your order comes in we really do, do a happy dance.

Every single item that goes out is made / packed with so much love and care.

Thank you for visiting my website and my store  

Caroline x